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Jacksonville's Fishery

The Largest Fishery on the East coast of Florida

Jacksonville Florida Fishing Map

The whole kit and caboodle 

   When people think of Jacksonville, Fl they think of the largest city in the United States... They think of the busy city life, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and terrible I-95 traffic. Essentially, Jacksonville is known for being one large concrete block. But don't let its reputation fool you. Its incredible fishery is overlooked and is one of the largest hidden gems in the Sport-Fishing Industry for both inshore and offshore anglers.

Jacksonville Inshore Charter Boat

Jacksonville is quite literally the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to inshore and Offshore Sport-Fishing.

Here's why.

   Inshore Jacksonville has world-class redfishing. When I say this it may seem Jaded. But there is nowhere else that offers the amount of different 

opportunities to catch redfish. Flood tide tailerslow tide belly-crawlers, High tide sight fishing over sandbars, Jetty fishing artificial and live bait, inland rocks and docks, early morning topwater. the amount of ways to catch redfish in Jacksonville year-round is endless. 

  Not limited to redfish, Jacksonville also  has an incredible variety of seasons

Spring - Gator-trout, Giant Black Drum

Summer - Tarpon, Snook, Grey Snapper

Fall - Giant Red Drum, Triple Tail, Flounder

Winter - Sheepshead

Jacksonville Offshore Charter Boat

the massive size of the continental shelf sets Jacksonville's offshore fishery apart from the rest of the East Coast. South Florida is famous for how close the Gulf Stream is to land, but when you think of it, the Further the run to the Gulf Stream, the more spots there are to fish along the way. This is why Jacksonville offers the best bottom fishing opportunities on the East Coast of Florida.

Offshore of Jacksonville is home to thousands of different natural reefs and man-made wrecks. Once you run past the first 30 Miles of shelf. you'll be fishing on natural ledges and limestone live bottom. These areas are abundant in every species of reef fish, such as Mutton Snapper, Gag Grouper, African Pompano, Cobia, Amberjacks, Wahoo, Kingfish, Vermillion Snapper, Triggerfish, Mangrove Snapper and so much more.


Best of all, this is a year-round fishery with a relatively untouched fish stock.

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