About the Captain

Captain Richard Bloom Jr

   Captain Bloom has a lifetime of experience as a saltwater angler. Beginning at only 2 years old he would go fishing with his father in the Chesapeake Bay for stripers until he turned 7 when his family moved to Florida. The move to Florida is really what spiked Captain Bloom's obsession with the sport of fishing. He began to make new friends who actually had the same interests in fishing as he did way back in the 2nd grade. Even today, 14 years later, his best two mates (Austin Millard and Andrew Godwin) have also been his best friends since they all met in elementary school. Together they have fished everywhere from sight-fishing redfish on fly rods deep in the creeks to targeting sailfish and blue marlin in the Bahamas. Captain Bloom has caught well over 100 different species of fish which includes every type of tuna in the Atlantic Ocean. 

    Although Captain Bloom's favorite fishing is offshore fishing, he has owned his own inshore boat since he was 13. His first boat being a 20 foot aquasport.

His second boat "Tight Lines" an 18 foot prosports flats boat which is the absolute reason why Captain Bloom is in the fishing charter business today. All Summer long and every weekend Captain Blooms father would drop the boat in the water around 6am and return after work with the boat trailer to pick him up right before sunset. Once Captain Bloom turned sixteen he began to log his trips into a logbook so once he turned eighteen he could start working on obtaining his Captains license. By the time he turned 19 he logged over 650 trips on his boat alone. 

    Today Captain Bloom aspires to be a commercial pilot for the airlines as well as a charter captain. As of right now he has a private and instrument license in single engine airplanes and is working on completing his commercial license when he is not fishing. Although flying is what Captain Bloom chooses to be his career in the future, fishing is truly where his heart is.

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